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The Wonders of Serengeti

The Serengeti is one of the most incredible natural wonders in the world. Located in Tanzania, East Africa, the Serengeti is a vast ecosystem that spans over 30,000 square kilometers and is home to an incredibly diverse array of wildlife. Perhaps the most famous event in the Serengeti is the annual wildebeest migration, where over […]

Main Airports in Tanzania & East Africa

Tanzania is widely known because of its great nature with many beautiful national parks and reserves. You can also call Tanzania as the Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti. You can easily get to Tanzania without any problem, thanks to its three international airports served by numerous airlines, including European ones. To these are […]


We often have doubts before leaving for the safari, for example, which bag to use and what to put in it … with this article I will try to give some guidance and advice in this regard. First of all it is advisable to have two bags: a small backpack to always keep with you […]

How Much Does Safari Costs in Tanzania?

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The cost of a safari in Tanzania can vary widely depending on several factors. Here are some of the key factors that can influence the cost: It’s worth noting that the cost of your safari may also include park fees and conservation fees, which can range from $50 to $100 per person per day. These […]

Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania depends on the specific activities you are interested in and the regions you plan to visit. Generally, the country can be divided into two main seasons: the dry season and the wet season. The dry season, which runs from June to October, is the best time to visit Tanzania […]

Tanzania Luxury Safaris

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Tanzania is known for its incredible wildlife and natural beauty, and a luxury safari is an excellent way to experience this in style and comfort. A luxury safari typically includes luxurious accommodations, top-notch service, and exclusive access to some of Tanzania’s most spectacular wildlife reserves. There are several luxury safari options available in Tanzania, each […]